Week 1 already gone.

I’ve just finished a really fast paced week on my first professional experience. I’ve started a “get to know you” profile that the majority of students have responded well to. It’s just a really quick and easy way for me to find out a little bit about my students and it makes it much easier to remember their names which, if our education at uni is anything to go by is one of the most important things you can do in terms of behaviour management.

What else am I learning? How to use an interactive white board. That schools don’t really focus on contexts as they told us to in method (although I’m sure that this would still be vastly more enriching way of learning curricula – see my future post on Big History).

I’m learning that a lot of students actually live at the boarding school and that the majority of them have parents who live in rural areas. The school has a really great culture. There’s A LOT going on.

I’ve come to really appreciate the time my teachers put in to see my during recess and lunch as a student. I’ve come to also realise in a shocking way the importance of planning ahead. Last week I was kind of thrown in the deep end. But as I sit here today on Sunday evening, having lessons up until Thursday planned and ready to go I feel pretty good about myself. Certainly much more in control than last week.

I’m learning that teachers keep on learning for the rest of their lives and that if you’re passionate about it – there’s always someone to talk to. The science staff at this school are so great. They really are very kind and supportive and genuinely seem to care about me. Which is really nice.

I’m learning how important it is to BE VERY VERY CLEAR with students. Every activity can be interpreted in a different kind of way unless you plan for it. Even having extra boxes that needn’t be there confuses students so get on top of that.

I think the students are really liking the mini whiteboards idea that I’ve introduced them too. It gives a chance for even the most shy students to participate and I really like that because sometimes classroom can be dominated by few students and you never really get to know what everyone is thinking. There is a problem with this though because the students still tend to copy each others’ answers. But I mean at least they’re writing it down and thinking about the questions right?

I’m also really learning the features of great teachers which I’ll put in a separate post. Really exciting stuff.

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